Privacy Policy

When you share information, including personal details, with us, it's your choice, and you can change your mind at any time as explained in our User Agreement. Keep in mind that changes won't apply to past information. Once you join the website, you can access, change, correct, or delete your data.

We may keep records of phone calls for things like inquiries and orders, but we won't control websites you find through our services.

Your privacy matters to us. We won't share your IP address and personal info without your permission, unless the law requires it. However, we might share general info with advertisers and partners to help our business.


If you use credit/debit cards on our website, make sure the info is correct and lawfully yours. We don't see this info, and we're not responsible for card fraud. If there's fraud, you're responsible, and you may need to prove it wasn't you.

We can recover costs from individuals using the website fraudulently, and legal action may be taken if needed.


When you use the website or email us, you're agreeing to electronic communication. This includes emails or notices on the website, and you accept that these meet legal requirements for written communication.

If you provide your phone number, expect calls about your order or other website-related things.


Comments you share on the website become ours. We can use them however we want, and you won't get compensation. We may monitor and remove comments that violate rules, and you're responsible for what you say. We're not liable for comments from you or others.


The website comes as-is, and while we try to be accurate and reliable, we're not perfect. We're not responsible for errors or technical problems. Our liability is limited, and we're not responsible for indirect damages.

We don't guarantee the accuracy or timing of information on the website, and we're not liable for interruptions or errors.


If some parts of our agreement aren't valid, we'll replace them. This agreement is the whole deal between you and us, and previous discussions don't count unless we say otherwise. If we don't act on a breach, it doesn't mean we won't in the future.